We ponder. We innovate. We make things happen. We amaze.Z Rose Inc. a company that believes in ask, believe and receive. A corporation that continues to cater to customers with quality customer service. Since 1996  Z Rose Inc. has been providing quality service and commitment to our customers.  Owning and operating Bella Rose Bakery, House of ZahZah, Goldfish Publishing, Vegan Queen, Caring Heart Nursing, Thread Art, ZaKira Nails & Spa , Fisher & Fisher Financial, Beyond Scrubs, Encore Consulting Inc., Z Rose Inc. Global Communication and A-2-Z Websolutions.

The concept of customer service is extremely important to this company. As a business we feel that doing business with any of our companies should be a pleasant experience from quality customer service and timely deliveries. Any companies that are associated with Z Rose Inc. practice the same concept. We invite you to the Z Rose Incorporated experience. ​

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Fisher